Frankie Muniz On the Simpsons!!


Many Frankie fans would have noticed that Thelonius sounded very familiar.

That might be because Frankie supplied the voice for a nerd Lisa meets and falls in love with on a very confusing Simpsons episode.

Here is a detailed description of the episode:

Three, intertwining tales offer different perspectives on a day in the life of the Simpsons. First, Homer's attempt to steal a freshly baked brownie results in Marge accidentally cutting off his thumb. They must race to the hospital to have it reattached.

In the meantime, Lisa can't find her bike and is left without a ride to school, on the day of the big science fair. Her invention, a robot that corrects grammar, can't win first prize unless she enters on time. At one point she finds herself at West Springfield Elementary, where she meets Thelonius (Frankie Muniz). The two spin in a circle for a while, then Lisa realises the time and goes.  In her numerous attempts to get to school, she eventually crosses paths with the rest of the family.

Meanwhile, Bart and Millhouse uncover a stash of fireworks. When Chief Wiggum catches up to them, he enlists their help in an undercover sting operation, with explosive results. As the mayhem of the day unfolds, it becomes clear how the actions of each family member directly affects the rest of the household.

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This episode was screened on April 29, 2001 in the USA, but took until August 8 2001 to get to Australia.

Created by Michelle!

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