Dewey's Revenge!!

In Season 3, cute lil Dewey has been getting quite a

little bit of revenge on Reese and Malcolm.

Let's take a closer look shall we??.....

Poker: Dewey video tapes Reese dancing with old ladies and uses it against him.


Reese Drives: Dewey hits Reese in the face with a sack full of toys.

Observe: (click on it 4 a beter view)

Dewey's Dog: Dewey sneaks a dog into the house and uses it to do various things to Malcolm and Reese, including making them dress up as girls and write an essay on why dewey is the greatest.



Jury Duty: Dewey gets a little bit annoyed at the boys, and has mini explosion.


Stevie: it all (breath) looks (breath) the same (breath)

Dewey: Yes , it is the same, it's all been  exactly the same ever since the day I was born, I start to trust them, they make me regret it , I get my hopes up , and they  destroy,  then I..

Malcolm: ALRIGHT Dewey we get it


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